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We moved to city in December 2013.  It is city where I raised my children in their younger years in the 1970's  and it was a pleasant enough life for all of us.  Things changed when we moved, and underlying issues made their way to the surface.

Now it is 2016, and my children are grown adults; daughters with grown adult children of their own; son getting a later start in having youngsters. I am into my second marriage of 20 years.  We did some moving around, lived in rural county for 13 of those years.  There is a nostalgic fondness in my memories of the times we spent in that rural setting, and short of too much rain, a lot of driving to get anywhere, it has been a good memory.

We live in the city now.  Life is not quite the same for us as we take on new challenges, one of those being our aging years, another being relationship to our adult children and their children, and another challenge in learning how to manage our immediate present as the years press hard on us at ages 65 and 70.

Some photos of our new life here in the city.

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